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Adding a Part Using the Lilypond Project Template

Adding a part

  1. Clone the Part file. This is what you invoke to create the part. The naming convention is song-name-Instrument-Name-in-KeyOfTransposition. If it is a transposition of an existing part, clone that instrument’s Part file.


  2. Edit the Part file
    • Change the last line, which is an include to a book file, to the name of the Instrument-Name-in-KeyOfTransposition.

      \include “ly/dont-wait-for-me/books/Clarinet-in-A.ily”

    • If this is for an instrument whose music does not yet exist, then also change the instruments include:

      \include “ly/dont-wait-for-me/instruments/bassClarinet.ily”

      If you are just transposing the existing music, leave the line as-is.

    • If there are instrument variable definitions and these need to change, then change the instrument names there, which follow the convention instrumentNameGlobalHead
  3. Clone the Instruments file
  4. If you reference a new music file

    \include “ly/dont-wait-for-me/instruments/clarinet.ily”

    Then, you need to copy another instrument’s file and modify it. The naming convention does not typically include transposition.

  5. Clone the Book file

    Copy another book file, and name it the same as you referenced it in the Part file.

  6. Edit the book file:

    • Change the visible instrument name (Poet) in the header
    • Change any transpositions of chords
    • Change any trasnpositions of music

    If this is new music and uses new variable names, change the names in the music (and chord) variables

    • \new ChordNames \transpose a c { \headRestChords }

      \keepWithTag #'(OneTime Part PDF) \transpose a, c { \bassClarinetGlobalHead }
  7. Add the new part’s invocation to the build.sh file:

    lilypond ly/dont-wait-for-me/parts/dont-wait-for-me-Clarinet-in-A.ly