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Lights, Camera, Lilypond!


Dr. Thomas Tensi has demonstrated a way to generate music notation videos with a Lilypond tool chain.

Starting from a lilypond file, an MP4 video is produced
playing the music and showing the score with page turning synchronous to the music.

Additionally, there is a subtitle showing the current measure number.

He uses this on a tablet on stage for a duo to have the background tracks for that band synchronous with the score for the live instruments, on only one tablet at a time, because there is no video synchronization among several tablets out of the box.

Read where the process is described.

Watch the appetizer demo video with a BWV 639 rendition

The tool chain uses lilypond, timidity plus soundfont, ffmpeg and python
(for scripting).

A weakness of the approach is that the page turning times for the score are gained by parsing the Postscript output file of lilypond. This approach might break when the font set is changed or lilypond changes its rendering philosophy.

Another disadvantage is that tempo changes must be supplied in a separate text file, because they cannot easily be deduced from rendering data.

Nevertheless I think that this approach might be interesting for other performing musicians. One can have a “moving” score on any device capable of playing MP4 videos without having to resort to a special software (like e.g. a MIDI sequencer).

See the work of Mathieu Demange,who found a way of extracting tempo changes and a video showing LilyPond score visualization as well as a playlist based on his work in Denemo.

His latest work, as well as this work, uses new features in the 2.19 series and a corresponding version of Denemo

I had posted this in the LilyPond Facebook group a few days ago, but I
figured I’d share it here for those who do not use Facebook. Hope that’s ok.

I’ve uploaded a new video showing a complete guide on how to use LilyPond
and MIDI input (Frescobaldi). Also I have resumed a weekly LilyPond tutorial
upload schedule. Topics include: SCHEME, score layout, page formatting,
markup, tweaks and overrides, and MusicXML. /Requests are welcomed./

Link to new MIDI LilyPond tutorial: http://bit.ly/LilyPondMIDI
(facebook post below)

Hey all,

I know it’s been quite a while since I last shared a tutorial video with the
community, but I am happy to announce that I am back to my normal,
consistent, weekly upload schedule. I’ve had to deal with some family
situations, health concerns, and it all took way longer than I thought it
would. But I’m back!

I love LilyPond and it’s such an amazing piece of software and the community
is such a great resource that I am so proud to give back wherever I can. I
do these tutorial videos as a way to say thank you to all of you for all
that you’ve done to help make LilyPond as amazing as it is today.

I’ve uploaded two new tutorials tonight for those who are interested. I have
created a complete, step by step guide on setting up MIDI keyboards for MIDI
input to your scores (step-recording), configuring MIDI playback, instrument
assignments, MIDI channels, and MIDI export. I also talk about some new
updates in the LilyPond changelog as well.

I just wanted to share these links in hopes that new users may find them
useful and they’ll love LilyPond as much as we all do.

Here is the link:

I’m going to be making new Scheme/LillyPond tutorials next week, along with
focusing on score layouts and tweaks/contexts. Please leave a comment if you
have any feedback or requests.

Thank you!

Hope you all have a nice week,