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About Hakamas

Hakamas are traditional Japanese clothing used for horseback riding, martial arts and formal wear.

These garments are fully wearable and exceptionally functional, as well as stunning works of art.

Custom and Off-the-rack

All of the garments featured on this website are for sale.

However, Elaine invites you to engage in a dialogue about what type of hakama you desire. The main parameters include style and size.


Elaine makes hakamas in two broad categories: martial arts and fashion.

While both are functional and fashionable, the difference is on emphasis and material choice.

Martial arts hakamas conform to more traditional colors and fabrics, whereas fashion hakamas reflect a more varied source of inspiration.


The two main measurments for hakamas are the width and length.

The width should be the maximum circumference of your lower body. This may be your hips, ass or thighs, depending on your physique.

The height depends of how long you want the hakama. Traditional length is to the ankle, but can be higher (for more utilitarian puproses) or lower (to imitate a full-length dress.)

For custom hakamas, the following measurements are also useful: inseam, front-back width, back height, waist.

Fashion hakama – black/silver brocade

Black and silver brocade fashion hakama. $775
As worn in Tuan Tran’s WireWear Collection by Yizhen.

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Fashion hakama – blue brocade

Blue brocade fashion hakama. $775
As worn in Tuan Tran’s WireWear Collection by Hilario.

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Fashion Hakama – salmon

Cottontastic fashion hakama with contrasting ties and trim. $625
Green and purple versions of this garment as seen in Tuan Tran’s WireWear Collection.

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Martial Arts Hakama – blue striped

Striped blue martial arts hakama. $625
As seen in Tuan Tran’s WireWear Collection.

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Measuring for Hakama Specification

What you need to know about sizing to order hakama.

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