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Dressed to Kill: Attire for Martial Arts

ISR 105 – Crisis – Smith

Scan of article in ISR 105

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Numbering Stanzas in Lilypond

\header { title = “Stanza Test” } \include “stanza-number-every-line.ly” verses = \new Voice = “verses” \relative c’ { \time 4/4 \key c \major a4 b4 c4 d4 | e2 f2 \bar “||” } wordsOne = \new Lyrics \with \numberLyrics 1 \lyricsto “verses” { Here are some words to sing } wordsTwo = \new Lyrics \with […]

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Adding Vertical Whitespace in Lilypond

Adding space in PianoStaff Try changing the values in the \score block for basic-distance minimum-distance padding stretchability As long as the values are sensible in relation to each other. Try changing the basic & minimum distances just enough to fix the one system you’re trying to improve, without making all the others too spread out. […]

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Brackets and Parenthesis in Lilypond

Bracketing Content Here’s one approach: \version “2.18.2” %% Bracket defs: LBracket = \markup \with-dimensions #'(0 . 0) #'(0 . 0) \path #0.15 #'((moveto -1 0) (rlineto -1 0) (rlineto 0 -1.5)) RBracket = \markup \scale #'(-1 . 1) \LBracket startBracket = -\tweak dash-period 0 -\tweak bound-details #`((left (text . ,LBracket) (Y . 1.5)) (right (text […]

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Adding a Part Using the Lilypond Project Template

Adding a part Clone the Part file. This is what you invoke to create the part. The naming convention is song-name-Instrument-Name-in-KeyOfTransposition. If it is a transposition of an existing part, clone that instrument’s Part file. ly/dont-wait-for-me/parts/dont-wait-for-me-Clarinet-in-A.ly Edit the Part file Change the last line, which is an include to a book file, to the name […]

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Lilypond Object Model

Discussion about how to think about the Lilypond model for music

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Centering Within Measures in Lilypond

Notes on a technique for centering elements in a measure in Lilypond.

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Full-bar Rests in Lilypond

Notes on full-measure rests in Lilypond

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Lights, Camera, Lilypond!

Notes on someone’s approach to getting music notation into videos.

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